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Let me tell you what brought me here
and what I can offer you.

THE JOURNEY of my life has been like a cord woven of two main threads:  

The receiving quest of the spirit

and the giving quest of the performing artist. 

All my projects have been about journeys,

and they have been journeys themselves. 


Journeys are the most important "substance" of our lives.    

A journey starts from a very personal, wordless questioning.  

A journey can place us in relationship to the seen and the unseen.

Yet, sometimes this questioning is stuck inside – swirling, burning, pulsing.

 A key to stepping out of a state of stuck-ness is “to get off one’s spot”, 

be freed from one’s point-of-view, or any point-of-view, see things as they are, 

and feel oneself a part of it all.   


In teaching, I focus on enabling my students to make their own journeys

as performing artists and communicators.

If you should elect to study with me, 

I can guide you on your own path to discovery.

              - Dominique De Fazio

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