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Author's Statement

Following are notes on three of my books and one of my screenplays that are being prepared for publication.

My Books

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Transformative Communication:
 The Power of RECEIVING
 over just DOING


This book is based on my System of Creativity and Communication that I have taught worldwide to business managers, entrepreneurs, film and theatre professionals, and to individuals who have wished to explore a direct experience of the Wonder of Life.


Part I includes observations of how relationships, interactions, and the scent of possibilities are all the products of “context.”  Part II will take the reader on a journey to explore a creative act: 
How to bring forth new contexts that re-create relationships, shift interactions, and birth new possibilities.


The path of the book is marked by certain road posts:  “The Importance of Place,” “Experiencing All Things – as if for the First Time,” “Beyond SELF-Expression,” and “The Creative Power of Story.”  The book offers the reader a fresh perspective on how things arise in life and guidance on how to effect transformation in one’s personal life and in a work environment.


Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake:
A novel of magical realism

Based on my screenplay for the award-winning Hollywood film of the same name,


the story is about a NASA cosmologist who, frustrated in his efforts to hear or detect something divine, back in time, at the Origin of the Universe, goes on a journey to the desert where he discovers, near at hand, what he had sought in the distance of space and time.

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Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake:
The Place of the Call

This is a photographic book that features the land where the story of Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake takes place.


Below I share with you a portion of the text from the opening of the book:


“I invite you to look at these photographs in silence, to stay with each image a while, 

to feel the empty spaces so that you might get a sense of what it could be like

to be in the place where the protagonist of Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake heard his Call.”

Award-winning Screenplay:

Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake

Click to view Trailer of Hollywood feature film for which Dominique

won multiple screenwriting awards. 

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