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My Manifesto

© 2021 by Dominique De Fazio

I have come to know,

from the breath that blows through all things, that 
ALL that is –-

is encounterable within change and movement.


People, situations, relationships and things

are more verbs than nouns.


Life isn't;
Life happens!


Listening from the silent centre of another’s life,

I loosen my threads

and rediscover my self

stitched into a common fabric with the other.


Hearing others –-

letting their silence speak in my movement

and in the gestures of the world around both of us –-  

allows people and things to resonate as one.

It heals.


Everything is part of the dance.


When rooted in the stillness-within-movement,

the self is no longer bound in one’s body

nor located only in the heart of another;

it lives in the bonding space between the two,

and around the both, and in the dance.


I have taught this for most of my life

and am dedicated to continuing this work

for as long as the breath that blows through all things

continues to flow through me.

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