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the Advanced Program in Communication (APC)


The Advanced Program in Communication (APC) is a life-changing program.


This program is for persons who will lead others, choose to live by example, and, with their very presence, wish to bring forth possibilities in the world through Transformative Communication.



The training is structured as Private appointments and meetings in small groups of others enrolled in this program.


Training is conducted via Zoom.  Appointments are “live”, not pre-recorded.



There are fourteen (14) fundamental Principles to be Explored through ten (10) different Areas of Research.  Three examples of the Principles to be Explored are:


  • Transforming “Relationships


  • C.R.E.A.:   Communication understood as the Recreation of the Experience of Another (This particular proposal of “communication” lies at the heart of the teaching of De Fazio)


  • The Art of “Context




This program offers one the best opportunities to come near the heart of Dominique De Fazio’s teachings on Creativity, as applied to the whole of life.


Before applying one may send a letter by e-mail to request detailed information on this program or to request an interview.  Send the letter to:

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