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Program for Professional Artists (PPA)


The Program for Professional Artists (PPA) is designed for those in the performing arts who wish to research the creative possibilities within their respective professions in a systematic way, and who wish to continue their own development as human beings.


Sometimes referred to as “The Poetic Theatre” or “Toward the Invisible Actor,” the De Fazio System is a Taoist/Zennist approach to the performing arts.  It is a Way of Work that can transform one’s life, one’s professional work, and the lives of those who are one’s public.



Not Only for Actors

Persons from twenty-two different countries have trained in the De Fazio System of Creativity and Communication.  Yet, it should be noted that many non-actors have also found the training to be a relevant, creative, and pragmatic road to other related arts, disciplines, and self-development.  Among those who have participated in this program there have been:  theatre/film directors, photographers, dancers, singers, writers, educators, psychologists, psychiatrists, business entrepreneurs, musicians, voice teachers, composers, restaurateurs, and university students.


If you are interested in the Program for Professional Artists (PPA) and would like to receive more information on the program, write to

Below is a 2+ minute excerpt from "ORIGINS",
a full-length documentary film on the teaching of Dominique De Fazio, 
featuring a look into a class of the Program for Professional Artists (PPA). 

Studio Promo 3+ Cut
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